GPS Co-ordinates
N 44:35.19
W 067:47.01
Email Us
In Season 207 483-4412
Off Season 305 451-1071
Online Reservations
Open May 15th -Oct 15th
Check-in 12pm
Check-out 11am
Sorry, no Seasonals. (We're a travel oriented campground.) Whether it's for a night, a week, or a month, make this a comfortable, relaxing stop along your way!
Monday 12/18 80%
High 27° / Low 26°
Chance of Rain
Tuesday 12/19 40%
High 39° / Low 29°
Chance of Rain


If you don’t find the information you’re looking for, please email us at

Type/size of equipment Daily Weekly Monthly
(4 Weeks)
RV Up to 19 ft $32.00 $200.00 no vacancies
RV 20 ft to 29 ft $34.00 $210.00 no vacancies
RV 30 ft and up $36.00 $220.00 no vacancies
Tent Sites $28.00 none none
2nd Tent Same Site $14.00 none none
Above Rates are based on Water and 30 Amp Electric Service
Xtras if applicable
                                 50 Amp Elec___________$2.00 per night
                             Sewer hook up___________$2.00 per night
           Xtra persons more than 2____________$3.00 per night
                                     9% Maine state Lodging tax

Free WIFI Internet throughout the park!

Reservations are recommended for July and August!

Map of the Campground

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Campground Map